1984 Camaro Z28
  • My First Car, started a rebuild of it in 2001
  • Car was bought for $500
  • Put relatively new 5.0L V8 engine
  • Sold it in 2003 for $2500
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This is not a robot ! But before my life revolved around robots, I worked on this 1984 Z28 Camaro. This was a project car that started with $500 camaro from a junkyard. My Dad had kept a 5.0L V8 engine around for years that would plug in nicely into the junker we bought.

The goal was to get my first car running so I could go to school so I was definitely motivated for this project ! My Dad and I rented a engine hoist and changed the engine and got the car running like a champ !

But Alas, the car still looked like a junker because the interior/exterior was trashed. I went to junkyards looking for a better interior and exterior panels. When I finally found all the pieces I needed, I went to Maaco and got the thing painted !

I was definitely one of the coolest and loudest cars at school after that paint job ! But I decided the summer before college that I needed to sell the car, I sold it for $2500 to another excited high school student ! Kind of sad ending, but If I ever see that car again, I might just buy it !
length 192.0 in
height 50.4 in
width 72.8 in
engine 5.0L V8
wheelbase 101 in



Andrew Lynch & Sam Lynch