2008 FIRST Robot
  • Tank Drive/ Half Omni
  • Elevator Lift
DescriptionPrincipal Data

Robot manipulates 40" yoga balls around a racetrack. It can also push the ball off a 6' overhead. Team won Best Website Award and Judges' Award at Lone Star Regional.
length 28in
height 4ft
width 30in
mass 95lbs
speed 10mph


Processor PIC 18F AKA - IFI Robot Controller

Sensors Grayhill Encoders 61R
Push Switches

Software C programming for the microcontroller (MPLAB)

Power 12V 18 A-h Lead Acid Battery

Drive Type Two CIMs & Toughbox with 10" wheels (2 x Omni , 2 x 1.5" high traction rubber)
Tank Drive

Body Elevator Lift made from 1" square aluminum tubing


Lamar High School
Andrew Lynch Christina Lam Allen Gregory Les Ruthven