FIRST 2005 Robot
  • Crab Drive
  • Grab and Place PVC tetras with Two Pneumatic Arms
  • Rotating Turret
  • 10 foot 3-piece Lift
DescriptionPrincipal Data

The Robonauts have been building great robots for many years. Chainzilla combined many different technologies together very successfully. The Robot won 2 regionals and took the Engineering Design award at the Championship.
length 28in
height 5ft
width 28in
mass 120lbs
speed 10 ft/sec


Processor PIC 18F AKA - IFI Robot Controller

Sensors String Potentiometer for Lift
Gear Tooth Sensor for Crab Drive

Software C programming for the microcontroller (MPLAB)

Power 12V 18 A-h Lead Acid Battery

Drive Type CIM on each of the four wheels with globe for steering
Crab Drive with Chain

Body Grippers - Two Pneumatic Cylinders
Lift / Turret Centerpiece


Robonauts Members (too many to list)
Robonaut Mentors (too many to list)