2003 FIRST Robot
  • Tank Drive/ Skyway Wheels
  • Pickup Bins and Stack Bins up to 6-7 high
  • Wide Base
DescriptionPrincipal Data

CRyptonite Robotics 3rd Year in the competition. The Bin Stacker was capable of autonmously following lines to the top of a ramp. The robot successfully stacked bins 6-7 high during the 2003 FIRST Robotics competition.
length 28in
height 5ft
width 38in
mass 120lbs
speed 5 ft/sec


Processor PIC 18F AKA - IFI Robot Controller

Sensors Infrared Line Sensors
Push Switches

Software Basic programming for the microcontroller (MPLAB)

Power 12V 18 A-h Lead Acid Battery

Drive Type Two Drill Motors with Skyway Wheels
2 speed Pneumatic Transmission
Tank Drive

Body Pneumatic Suction Cup Gripper
Chain Drive Lift


Cinco Ranch High School