2002 FIRST Robot
  • Tank Drive, 5 Wheel Drive, Custom Rubber Wheels
  • Goal Pneumatic Gripper
  • High Torque Drive System
DescriptionPrincipal Data

CRyptonite Robotics 2nd Year in the competition. The Goal Grabber robot was capable of pushing and pulling the goals with superior torque in the 2002 FIRST Robotics competition.
length 38in
height 2ft
width 28in
mass 120lbs
speed 3 ft/sec


Processor PIC 18F AKA - IFI Robot Controller

Sensors Infrared Line Sensors
Push Switches

Software Basic programming for the microcontroller (MPLAB)

Power 12V 18 A-h Lead Acid Battery

Drive Type Two Drill Motors with Custom Rubber Wheels
2 speed Pneumatic Transmission
Tank Drive (5 wheels , wheel in the center)

Body Pneumatic Gripper


Cinco Ranch High School