NASA Projects
During my internship at NASA, I have learned a tremendous amount about humanoid robotics and software simulation. While working on robotic hand grasping, I have been exposed to tactile sensors, mechanical hand design and dynamic interaction simulations.

NASA, 2007
Software Defined Radio (SDR) interface board for Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) error correction coding (ECC). Created PCB for the ESTL Avionics lab at NASA - JSC, used Xilinix and Altium for design suites.
NASA, 2005
Magnetic docking station for Mini AERCam , created physics model using TRICK (C physics simulator). Verified model with ANSYS Emag Performed tests with precision scale and air-bearing table.
NASA Hand Sensors
NASA, 2005
Force sensors for robotic hands on Robonaut and Utah-MIT hands . Developed a PCB for multiplexing analog signals for 2005 sensors . Evaluated many other tactile sensing alternative such as fiber optics, capacitive , resistive and QTC.
NASA Mars Drill
NASA, 2004
Mars Drill early prototype design as part of Texas Space Grant Consortium TSGC Design Group, created simulation model using OSCAR (A robotic Manipulator simulator).