UT-Austin Robotics
The IEEE Robotics & Automation Society at UT-Austin inspires greater research into the field of robotics and aims to make robotics more accessible to persons of all ages and backgrounds. We are a student group focused on competitive robotics events as well as mentoring high school students.

IGVC, DPRG, 2007
The 2nd IGVC robot from UT-Austin includes a custom chassis with redesigned software and sensors. Runs an outdoor course avoiding painted lines and obstacles using a webcam and sonars.
Whiny 1.1
IEEE Region V, 2007
Sorts colored cans with a camera (CmuCam2) in a circle pattern using compass encoder navigation. Whiny 1.1 drives with two motors in tank steering configuration with two ball casters.
IGVC, 2006
The 1st IGVC robot from UT-Austin built around a retrofitted RoboMow. Runs an outdoor course avoiding painted lines and obstacles using a webcam and sonars. Highest rookie score.
IEEE Region V, 2006 - San Antonio
Sorts colored cans with a camera (CmuCam2) using line sensor navigation. Whiny qualified with the 4th best score and went to finals division.
DPRG, Long Haul ,2006
Waypoint navigation with obstacle avoidance. Competed with Raslow to win 2nd overall. Beep Beep was the early version of BlastyRAS.
DPRG, RoboRama 2005
One of the first Vex robots to compete. Competed in all tasks of RoboRama including Quick Trip, Line Following, Wall Following, Time run, Can Retrieval. Won 2nd place overall.
A toy tank converted into a outdoor robotics platform. Initially a test platform for IGVC but later converted into an outreach demonstration robot.
Kim Smith
IEEE Region V, 2004 -Oklahoma City
Line following robot processed 2D images to make decisions for turning, stopping and ball launching. Main differential racing motor with third back steering wheel for high speed turning.