2006 IGVC - Raslow
  • Lane detection and following
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Retrofitted Robomow


DescriptionPrincipal Data

The 1st IGVC robot from UT-Austin built around a retrofitted RoboMow. Runs an outdoor course avoiding painted lines and obstacles using a webcam and sonars. Highest rookie score.
length 3ft
height 3ft
width 2ft
mass 60lbs
speed 5mph


Processor Freescale 68S12C32 AKA - "C32" of the "S12" series
Laptops - Toshiba Satellite Pro M25 1.1 Ghz , Centrino and Compaq Evo

Sensors Microstrain 3DMG IMU
Royaltek GPS
Logitech Webcam
8 Sonars - SRF04
Hall-Effect Encoders

Software Python
C programming for the microcontroller (Metroworks)
Communication using Wireless 802.11b/g UDP/TCP

Power 24V Battery

Drive Type Differential with front caster

Body Modified Robomow RL-550


Andrew Lynch David Yanoshak Richard McClellan Chris Flesher
Chris Koci Vishal Parikh Vivek Gani Chander Sudanthi