2006 IEEE Region V
  • Line following
  • Grab and sort cans based on color
  • Customized eletronics board
DescriptionPrincipal Data

Sorts colored cans with a camera (CmuCam2) using line sensor navigation. Whiny drives with two motors in tank steering configuration with two ball casters.
length 3in
height 10in
width 5in
mass 3lbs
speed 1mph


Processor Freescale 68S12C32 AKA - "C32" of the "S12" series

Sensors Integrated Encoders - (IE2) Faulhaber 2224
Sonars - SRF04
Line Sensors - Hamamatsu P5587

Software C programming for the microcontroller (Metroworks)

Power 12V Battery

Drive Type Two Faulhaber 2224 6V motors
Two Ball Casters

Body Custom 3D rapid prototyped Claw


Chris Derichs David Yanoshak Richard McClellan Shaon Barman
Andrew Lynch Vishal Parikh Joss Scholten Chander Sudanthi