RasTank - Outreach
  • Low Cost Drive Train
  • Large Payload Volume
  • Tank Treads
DescriptionPrincipal Data

The Tank was actual a prize from winning 2nd place at the DPRG competition. We took out the remote control electronics and wired IFI speed controllers to the motors. The Robot was controlled by a laptop using Labview.
length 2 feet
height 3 feet
width 1 foot
mass 25 lbs
speed 1.5 ft/sec


Processor Laptop running Labview

Sensors Webcam, Touch Sensors

Software Labview and network control

PowerLead Acid Battery 12 Volts

Drive Type Tank Tread Differential Drive

Body Plastic body with Aluminum mast


Richard McClellan David Yanoshak Andrew Lynch Aaron Jones Vishal Parikh