2004 IEEE Region V
  • Line Following Robot
  • Ping Pong Ball Shooter
  • Direction Image Sensing
DescriptionPrincipal Data

The Robot was designed to compete in the IEEE Region V competition in 2004. The robot can follow lines and detect patterns on the line path to follow the direction of line turns.
length 10 inches
height 7 inches
width 8 inches
mass 5 lbs
speed 4 ft/second


Processor Motorola HC6812A4 (Now Freescale)

Sensors 16 Array Line Sensor Hamatsu Infrared Detectors

Software C code in ICC12

Power 8.4 NiMh battery

Drive Type 3 Wheel drive, steering wheel in the back, Front two wheels are powered by one hobby car racing motor

Body Custom Made Aluminum Chassis


Andrew Lynch Nick Hollifield Vishal Parikh Chander Sudanthi
Chris Koci Syed Ashrafulla