FIRST 2009 - Disco Ballulator
  • 4 Slick Wheel - Tank Drive
  • 5 Roller Collector, Double Shooter with 8 " IFI Wheels
DescriptionPrincipal Data

2nd year mentoring Lamar High School (FRC#2587). Robot picks up 8" orbit balls and dumps them into a moving trailer on an opposing robot. Won the Lone Star Regional 2009, Website award and Judges Award. Ranked 20th (5-2 record) in Archimedes at the 2009 World Championship.
length 28in
height 4ft
width 30in
mass 95lbs
speed 10mph


Processor Compact Rio Controller

Sensors Grayhill Encoders 61R
Push Switches

Software Labview programming

Power 12V 18 A-h Lead Acid Battery

Drive Type Two CIMs & Toughbox with 6" wheels (Slick Wheels from AndyMark)
Tank Drive

Body Collector Made from 2"x1" square aluminum tubing


Lamar High School
Andrew Lynch Christina Lam Allen Gregory Les Ruthven